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Accelerated Mobile Pages

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dLook AMP Pages - Lightning fast mobile pages

Want to be found ahead of the competition on mobile devices? The dLook Accelerate Mobile Page (AMP) is 4 times or more faster than the average website, is Google validated and preferred in search on mobile devices over standard websites. dLook AMP is optimised for businesses targeting people searching on mobile phones and devices.

The dLook AMP page is designed for Australian businesses to compete in the mobile online space for an affordable price. Designed to be easily installed on your existing website, dLook AMP delivers SEO optimised high speed performance to mobile searchers and it’s the specialised rankings boost you need to be found on mobiles ahead of your competitors.

dLook AMP is based on advanced technology, developed by dLook to be compliant with Google specifications specifically designed to increase customer satisfaction with your main business website when serving mobile devices. The technology involves specialised compression of your website into a code that allows it to be served at least 4 times faster than your current site to mobile phones.

The dLook AMP page is the most comprehensive and cost effective business solution for a business who wants to be found ahead of the competition when customers are searching on mobile phones. Over 75% of all searches in Australia now via mobile devices.

What is a dLook AMP Page

A dLook Accelerated Mobile Page is a mobile device optimised page that conforms to the Google and Twitter high speed mobile service guidelines, delivering the best possible mobile experience for the customer. The dLook AMP page is validated by Google and may be hosted on your site. It contains the key information about your business that is structured to be around 4 times faster on a mobile device than your existing hosted site and is preferred in search when the search device is a mobile device or phone. For most small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) the optimum solution will be a dLook AMP page backed by an existing site, but for larger enterprises, it may be a complex and multilevel website or part of a section from the main website that has the key AMP pages developed to provide the best mobile experience for the customer.

AMP Pages have:

  • High speed and preference
  • Multi screen display
  • Google cache server
  • Managed services
  • Optimised web address
  • Security and backup
  • Account manager
  • Technical support

All AMP sites that are installed on your existing site have Google validation, SEO optimum flow design plus internal interface option to platform based Reputation, Review and Social tools.

Inside the dLook AMP Mobile Page

A dLook AMP platform enables your business to tailor down to single high speed page mobile solutions that suit new growth business requirements whilst providing the best user experience on mobile devices. With over 75% of potential customers now using mobile phones and devices to search on the web you need an AMP solution to be found and chosen in competitive markets. Consider over 40% of customers just move on if a site does not load in under 3 seconds. Gone. The dLook AMP page is built to be very fast and is prefered for display by Google and many others when serving mobile devices.

dLook custom builds each AMP optimsed page as an optimised solution based upon your chosen key website page information. A range of developed and structured mobile based AMP designs are used to deliver the best speed to display on the mobile device. Turn around is also fast and when finished, the AMP page is installed on your site, using a unique AMP address that we validate with Google so that page can be ranked and served against search requests from suitable devices and browsers at a high speed to ensure the best customer experience with your key information. Links are provided from the dLook AMP page back to your main site, allowing tradional browsing or access to other AMP key pages to build up fast complex systems.

All dLook AMP websites are SEO optimised, managed, backed up and optionally hosted on Tier1 hosting in Australia.