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MydLook Reputation Management Dashboard For Small To Medium Sized Businesses

Piivot Reviews, Reputation Manager, Social Manager and Express allows you take control over your online presence by requesting, dealing with, refreshing and responding to reviews in real time. Piivot Reviews, Reputation Manager, Social Manager, Express and the support platforms deliver a full range of services to ensure your business can out perform the competition.


Be Found Online. Grow Revenue. Manage Reviews

Your reputation is what others say about you and what you publish about yourself. Is your reviews or reputation letting you down? Every day, customers are searching or talking about your business on websites like Facebook, Google, Bing, Yelp, TripAdvisor, blogs and elsewhere, and this chatter has a direct impact on your revenue — it's time you managed into the conversation.

Reputation Management gives you control over your online presence by helping you respond to reviews, correct online listings, clean up your reputation, benchmark yourself against competitors and more.

  • Discover what people are saying about you all over the online and social web
  • Deliver positive reviews out to multiple sources and intercept negative reviews
  • Verify your business entries to improve your search rank
  • Be up to date with regular reports
  • See how your business and your competitors rank online
Get Reviews With MydLooks Piivot Reviews

Piivot Reviews Brochure

Get Reviews, Manage Contacts and Review Requests

Piivot Reviews on your mobile peels back the layers so you can see what customer interactions are working or not in a single place and in real time. A powerful benefit that you can use to improve your business leads and reputation.


Reputation Management Brochure

Manage Reviews, Build Your Reputation

The dLook Reputation Manager tool provides powerful benefits that may be used to improve your business online presence.

  • A pro active tool for you to manage your online reviews and social reputation
  • Hear what your customers are saying about your business on review sites, blogs and social networks
  • Ensure your online listings are consistent across the web and social media
  • Monitor your company’s activity on social media and respond
  • See how your online presence compares to your competition
  • Receive regular, actionable reports that help improve your presence
  • Gather reviews from customers both online and on-site or store with Review Generation; control which reviews go public and which stay private
  • View which keywords your customers are using to describe your business
  • Generate new positive reviews
  • Rank website scores

Monitor, manage & build your online reputation!

  • Improve your chances of getting found online.
  • Drive customers to your business (by generating accurate locations on popular navigation systems).
  • Quickly change your hours and contact info whenever there's a change to your business' details.
  • Protect your listings against manipulation by third parties.
Connect Your Listings With MydLooks Reputation Manager


Get A Free Snapshot Report And Business Report

What is a Snapshot Report?

The Snapshot report is a peek into what your business looks like online and how customers see you. Find out the answers to these questions:

  • Is your business listing accurate where it counts?
  • How do customers feel about your business?
  • What sites should your business be on?
  • How do you compare with your competitors?
  • How do you compare with industry standards?
  • Are your social media accounts effective?


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Drive Traffic to Your Business

Express Website

The Express website package is your sales doorway, designed for small Australian businesses to successfully compete in the online space for an affordable price. For those without websites it’s a great first site, for those with a website it’s the specialised rankings boost you need to be found or the upgrage path you have been seeking. The Express website is the most comprehensive and cost effective business website solution in Australia. The website solution includes:

  • Improve your visibility - be found online
  • Drive customers to your business
  • Quickly manage updates
  • Add images, specials, animations and data information
  • eCommerce, Click to Call and transitions
  • Sliders, chat bot and custom forms
  • Control and update with CMS access
  • Access to Reputation, Review and Social tools
  • Link to other mobile responsive tools
  • Management of Facebook, Twittter and Google entries
  • Options for "do it for me" solutions, if you are time poor.
  • Set a pathway, grow site content to Elite, add SEO & SEM solutions with optional retargeting.


Social ManagementBrochure

Easily Maintain a Positive Online Presence

To be successful in social media marketing, you need to be constantly posting updates and interacting with your customers in real time. Not many business owners have time to keep up with the constant updates on a social media profile.

It’s for this reason that we offer a tool to streamline your social media management. Our Social Marketing platform helps you publish content, local real-time leads and gain full interaction with your audience. You finally have the platform to build an online following without wasting time.

Find leads in your area based on search terms relevant to your business, then engage with these customers with the click of a button. Discovery marketing is the fastest way to find business opportunities.

Get help creating compelling posts on your social media accounts. We also keep you up to date on your social activity and what customers are saying about you. With our management system, you can plan content and posts ahead of time and access your customers at the right times.

Social marketing is important which is why there are so many benefits to our system, including:

  • Direct interaction with your audience
  • Content discovery and reposting
  • Monitor all your accounts in one easy to use location
  • Compose and publish content to all your social channels
  • Schedule content to be published when your audience is online

Listing Builder Brochure

Tools to Build Your Content and Presence

The dLook Listing Builder tool provides powerful benefits that may be used to improve your business online presence.

  • A pro active tool for you to manage your Google, Facebook, Twitter and Listings across the internet
  • Understand how your business is performing on Google Search and Maps
  • Ensure your online listings are consistent across the web and social media
  • Sync to Google, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Where customers find you on Google
  • Generate and fix business listings with one click
  • Protect listings from changes by third parties
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Account has its own Business dashboard to manage services, social and presence
  • Access to Reputation, Review, Sync Pro and Social tools

Build Google Insight, Facebook and Twitter access

  • Improve your chances of getting found online.
  • Drive customers to your business (by generating accurate locations on popular navigation systems).
  • Link to other sites with mobile responsive tools
  • Options for Do It for Me solutions if you are time poor
  • Grow your content to integrate with Express websites, SEO & SEM solutions