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Anchor AMP Pages - Lightning fast mobile pages

Want to be found ahead of the competition on mobile devices? The dLook Anchor Accelerate Mobile Page (AMP) is much faster loading on mobiles than the average website, is Google validated and preferred in Google search on mobile devices over standard websites. Anchor AMP is optimised for businesses targeting people searching on mobile phones and devices.

The Anchor AMP page is designed for Australian businesses to compete in the mobile online space for an affordable price. Designed to be easily installed on your existing website, Anchor AMP delivers mobile SEO optimised high speed performance to mobile searchers and it’s the specialised rankings boost you need to be found on mobiles ahead of your competitors.

The dLook Anchor AMP is based on advanced technology, developed by dLook to be compliant with Google specifications specifically designed to increase customer satisfaction with your main business website when serving mobile devices.

What is a dLook Anchor AMP Page

The Anchor AMP mobile page is a compressed code version of the main page on your website, installed on your site, serving this page to mobiles at least 4 times faster than your current non-AMP setup. We set up your Anchor AMP on your server with less than a megabyte of server space. That means there won't be any affect on your hosting costs or storage space. The Anchor AMP ultra modern design is optimised to send your site up the Google rankings and to convert your customers. It may also act as an automatic cached fast mobile entrance page link for older sites and improves your chances of being found first on mobile devices.

Anchor AMP Pages have:

  • High speed and preference
  • Multi screen display
  • Google cache server
  • Lower bounce rate 3 second response times
  • Simple addition to your current site
  • Your Own web address
  • All installed and managed for you
  • Technical support

Anchor AMP sites are installed on your existing site, have Google validation, SEO optimum flow design plus interface option to platform based Reputation, Review and Social tools.

Inside the Anchor AMP Mobile Page

These new pages are designed as standalone pages that can be inserted into your existing website to deliver the best Mobile friendly page, reactive to browsers and devices and all as fast as they can be.

You can now focus your content onto single high-speed pages that deliver exactly what your mobile users are looking for, whilst providing the best user experience available.

Anchor AMP is built on your information and your existing look and feel, so we match your design.

Production is fast so you can be very reactive to real time projects or events, once installed on your site, your new page is validated by Google, who then index and rank it, the page is then cached and served by Google.

As a result of this, your page will serve up to 4 times faster than a traditional page, maybe much more!

We link from the dLook Anchor AMP back to your website, as you see fit, allowing traditional browsing of your website to continue.

How would you use an Anchor AMP on your site? As a fast Home Page or a landing page for a specific product or service, it may be for a specific promotion of a product or event, in fact any page on your site where you expect to have a high volume of mobile users, expecting a fast response!

All dLook Anchor AMP websites are Mobile SEO optimised, managed, backed up and optionally hosted on Tier1 hosting in Australia.

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