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Need new tools to grow your business. With all product and service suites dLook provide you a Listing Builder Basic tool set that allows you to understand how your business is performing on Google Search and Maps, you one place to create and sustain accurate business listings across an established network of up to 30 listing sites. These tools allow you to easily create and manage many listings and entries across the web.

With Listing Builder suite of tools, you can manage Google Insight and Facebook and control your key presence with a My Listing site that search engines can readily index and mobile users find easy to use. We offer these tools on a complementary basis. These key tools are part of our growing professional tool suite and are targeted to provide a positive introduction to potential customers of new dLook software tools that do make a difference in a crowded digital landscape. Our trust is that customers using these tools will grow their business's digital presence and the logical growth path is to consider the suite of the dLook professional management and presence tools as they grow.

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Listing Sync Tool

Accurate business listings help search engines and consumers find local businesses online. Listing Sync gives you one place to create and sustain accurate business listings across an established network of 30 listing sites. With Listing Sync generate and fix business listings with one click and make unlimited updates from one place.

With the dLook Listing Builder tool suite, you can easily create and manage many listings and entries across the web. Save many hours per annum. Included are tools for Google Insights access, My Listing Manager site, Listing Sync and dLook Directory submission

Grow your content to integrate with dLook Express websites, SEO & SEM solutions.

Use MydLooks Annotations Checker and Audit Your Listings Sync A Number Of Listings And Make Sure Your Phone Number And Address Are Correct


MyListing Tool

The MyListing tool is as simple as it sounds — a DIY tool that can be used to build website pages, optimised to contain key information and images about a business. For most small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) this will likely be an individual landing page, or it may be part of a larger main website.

Google’s team stresses the importance of not hiding your multi-location information within a complex site and MyListing tool when used with Anchor and Express allows you to build out specific sites or information that will help your business to be found. The tool is has a drop and drag operation, is easy to use and has tips and hints to help you deliver best practise pages at your own pace.

According to Google, the most frequently sought after information is:

  • Business address
  • Hours of operation
  • Phone number
  • Departments

Connect All Your Listings So Your Customers Get The Right Information


Google, as well as other search engines and sources, require certain criteria for optimal data sourcing. Google’s criteria includes:

  • Each location’s information should be accessible on separate pages
  • Allowing the Googlebot to discover and crawl the My Listing pages
  • Location information presented in an easy-to-understand format
  • Use of structured data markup

Screenshot of the listing builder and website