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Website Builder

dLook offers a website builder as an included service with all dLook platform products and that can take your business to the next level. If you are looking for an easy to use website template and creator then look no further!

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Create Your Own Website

MydLook gives you all the tool to make a quick and easy website. Once you have signed up for our platform, you will have full access to our listings builder. This not only provides you with a mobile responsive website to use to promote your business but also gives you some other great features. This includes:

  • Google insights – add your google my business profile to see how your users react to you online.
  • Listing sync – find out where your business is being found. We search over 30 directories for your information and tell you if you are being found to your full potential.
  • Business profile – edit your business profile to make sure you are sending out the correct information to your customers.

All this is included in our listing builder product. Make sure you secure your online presence with MydLooks listings builder and website builder.


What Is Included In The Website Builder?

The website builder combines many customisable elements that you can include to make your site great.

The website builder comes with four themes to choose from. This includes responsive and mobile specific designs so you can be found across different platforms. With the responsive themes, your website will be available in all sizes including mobile, tablet and desktop. This means your users will always get the best website view for their device.


The importance of responsive design

Responsive or mobile friendly design is becoming more and more important, with a website that fails to offer a mobile site being heavily demoted on Google. It is important to ensure your website is responsive as it has now become one of the key ranking factors in search engine optimisation.

Small to medium sized businesses that ensure their website can be viewed across devices have a key advantage over their competitors that do not have a responsive or mobile friendly site. With many small businesses so far failing to develop their own mobile friendly site, this is one of the key things you can do.

We understand that not all small businesses have the time or the money to make a responsive site or to make their current website responsive. But as search evolves it is only becoming more important for a business to have a site that can be viewed across platforms. This is why we have ensured that we offer and a number of free mobile friendly templates to guarantee that your business has the best chance of being found online.

Branding and domains

We want to make sure that your website feels like your own. That’s why we have a number of customisable options that are simple to use.

One of the main ways you can customise your free website is with branding. Add your logo, favicon and mobile shortcut link to make your website represent your business. You can also add images and change colours to reflect your business.

You also have the ability to change the URL or “slug” to suit your business. You can add your own URL or use the MydLook URL provided for free. Add a link to your current site if you have one to connect both sites.

Campaign tracking and Analytics

It is important to track your businesses online presence with tracking and analytics fully integrated into your free website builder. Use tracking codes to better track and improve paid ad campaigns. Analytics makes it easy to see how your website is developing and to see if your SEO efforts are paying off.


Website Customisation

You can add a number of different page types to your site for complete customisation. Let’s go in-depth on a few of the pages that you can add to your website.

Home Page

The home page is the front page of your site and is used to introduce your business and what it does. Add content that introduces your business and what you do. Highlight your opening hours, location and social profiles throughout the home page. Your business is front and centre, make sure all your information is correct as people can easily get your phone number and business website.


Start gathering reviews of your business with your reviews page. Manage your reputation and start building relationships with your customers. You can supercharge the reviews section with our reputation manager product. Learn more about reputation manager here!

Video Page

Add a video page to your website. Include video content and information on your website. MydLook, as part of its express website package, will create a video for you to include on your site. This is only if you have an express package but is a great extra to any site!

Contact Us

Every business needs a contact us page, which is why we have included a dynamic contact us page for you to include on your site. Your contact us page offers a door way for your customers to be able to get in touch. Get more business by including a contact page on your free site!

Images Page

An images or gallery page can be used to highlight your business. Add images that show products or services that you provide. This is a great way to showcase your business and help your customers visualise what your company does.


Add coupons to your website to offer extra value to customers. Incentivise your customers to choose your business over your competitors by offering coupons and discounts. The coupon can include expiry dates and offer something different to your customers.

Custom Page

Do it yourself with a custom page for your free website. Add text and images to expand your website and attract more customers. This is a great extra page that you can use to build out your site and create great content for your customers.


Get Your Website Builder Today

Now that you have seen all the great things that the website builder includes there’s only one thing to do ... Sign up now! Fill out our sign-up form and you will get your website builder and a business online presence report. That’s a tonne of value! You can use the website to compliment your current website or even have it as your main website. Use the site to generate reviews on google and social media accounts and get your business found online. Simply fill out our sign-up form and we will send you full access to our system.

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