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How To Manage Your Reputation With dLook's Reputation Manager

Build and manage your reputation across a number of platforms.

Welcome to Reputation Management! Here we will provide you with some handy tips and tutorials on how to make the most of your Reputation Manager dashboard!

We will help you with all the tools in the Reputation Management arsenal including; managing listings, generating reviews, tracking mentions and social metrics and analysis of analytics and competition.

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Reputation Management Full Overview

Manage Reviews, Build Your Reputation

Setting Up Your Reputation Management Account

Some of your information should already been input, but please take some time to look over all your details and make sure that they are correct.

Once you are sure your detail's are correct, it's time to explore the Reputation Management dashboard! Let's start by looking at your listings.

Reputation Management - Listings

Reputation Management gives you an overview of listing accounts you have and don't have. Some of the listings may be correct or have incorrect information on them. Take some time to go through and add your listings that Reputation Management didn't pick up. You can input the URL's of these listings directly into the dashboard, simply click the view possible listings button and add in the URL.

You can also click the link below that to create a brand new listing. This will take you to the website you are looking to add your listing. Create a listing and then add the URL to your dashboard!

To fix incorrect listings, simply edit link to be taken to the listings website. From there, login and fix the information so it is correct!

You can filter your listings to show listings with errors, inaccurate information or with the correct information already input. You can also filter by type of listing.

Reputation Management - Mentions

From the mentions tab, you can monitor where your website is being mentioned and who is talking about our business. This is a great tool for finding linking opportunities and connect with people that are talking about you online.

Add keywords to discover where they are being mentioned in relation to your business. This is then tracked as you continue to build your online reputation.

Reputation Management - Social

The social section can be used to monitor activity on your social profiles, publish interesting updates, compare your fans and followers against industry averages, and connect multiple social accounts. Once your social accounts are connected, you can then track activity on your accounts as well as statistics, comparing you to others in your industry.

Reputation Management - Competition

The competition section of the dashboard allows you to analyse your online presence against your competitors. It gives you the ability to analyse your search share compared with three main competitors and lets you compare social media growth.

This should already be set up after you have filled in your correct information but you can also edit who your competitors are and the keywords you are targeting. You can also add the social accounts of your competitors to the dashboard to compare with your own.

Reputation Management - Reports

Download detailed reports about your weekly progress. See where you have improved and where you still need to increase your online presence. These reports will the sent to your email weekly so you can fully track your progress.

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Example of dLook's review widget

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Review Generation - Reputation Management

The dLook Reputation Manager tool provides powerful benefits that may be used to improve your business online presence.

dLooks review generation system is a powerful tool that you can use to get reviews on Google, Facebook and many other online review sites.

The dashboard gives you several options. You can generate reviews, manage your reviews, create a widget for your website and view review statistics.

To generate reviews simply input the email of your customers and send them the review form. Your customers then fill out the review form with either good or bad feedback.

Once they have filled out the form one of two things will happen. If they’ve left a good review, they will be directed to leave that review on sites of your choosing (e.g. Google, Facebook, Yelp). However, if they leave a bad review, then you receive the review and can respond accordingly. This means it is less likely that they will leave a bad review publicly.

Manage your reviews by responding to both positive and negative reviews. Reputation Management combines all your listings to make it easier to respond to reviews across platforms. It is important to respond to reviews regardless of the nature of the review. This starts a conversation with your customers and allows you to build better relationships.

You can also create a simple widget to add to your website. If you have a dLook express package then we can add this for you. Simply choose the colours of your widget and copy the code onto your website! You can also display reviews on through the review display widget.

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